Treasure Hunt Clue #2 and Japanese Knives at the Alpine Farmers Market!

Hint #2 for the $100 Treasure Hunt Presented by the Alpine Farmers Market

Hey There Market Lovers!

Congratulations to Jillian Dailey who found Clue #1 yesterday at Alpine Chill and won a FREE lemonade!  There are 3 more clues to go in our Treasure Hunt for $100 in Market Bucks.  Here is what clue #1 said:


Remember, this is #1 of 4 clues hidden at local businesses that will lead you to the secret hiding place of the GRAND PRIZE!  If you find one of the 3 remaining clues you will also win a Farmers Market Prize.  To read the FULL list of rules, scroll to the bottom of this post.

Here is the HINT to where CLUE #2 can be found:

HINT #2 : Although New York is far away, there is a slice of it here in Alpine.  Clue #2 can be found at our own little slice of New York flavor.

Good Luck Alpine!


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Remember, the Alpine Farmers Market Opens SATURDAY DECEMBER 6, 2014 at our NEW LOCATION, Alpine Elementary School (1850 Alpine Blvd) from 10:30 AM – 2:30PM.  Join us in celebrating our new location, day and time!

Alpine Farmers Market…Fresh From The Farm Every Saturday!



$100 Treasure Hunt Rules

Throughout the week we will put out 4 HINTS via our website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Email.  Each hint will lead you to a local Alpine business where you can find 1 of 4 CLUES that point you to the secret hiding place of the $100 Market Bucks Gift Certificate.

If you figure out the HINT head to the local business where you think the CLUE is hidden and ask the employees there for the Alpine Farmers Market CLUE, congratulations you will win a special prize!  If you are the lucky one who finds the clue, to claim your prize you MUST post a picture of the clue to our Facebook page at  With the picture please post WHERE you found the clue by including “I found CLUE #__ at the _____.” (If you do not have a Facebook page or need help posting the picture, please contact Lindsay at 619-993-3745 or

As the treasure hunt goes on, each person who finds 1 of the 4 CLUES will share them with all of you via Facebook!  Once we have all 4 CLUES, the race is on….the FIRST person to find the $100 Gift Certificate can claim the grand prize on Market day, Saturday 12/6/14!  All other prizes can also be claimed 12/6/14 at the Manager’s Booth.

Soooooooo, good luck Alpine!  Remember, there are LOTS of prizes to win during the Treasure Hunt.  Each person who finds one of the 4 CLUES will win a prize and of course, the person who figures out where the CLUES lead and finds the GRAND PRIZE will win $100 in Market Bucks!

**There will only be 1 clue hidden at each local business, once the clue is found you MUST share it via Facebook to claim your prize.  Clues can be claimed by asking the employee at the business for the Alpine Farmers Market clue, please do not scavenge through our lovely local businesses hunting for the clue, just ask :) All prizes MUST be claimed 12-6-14, prizes will not be available after that day.**

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